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We are really proud because they show more respect of what I and my family are doing, including our choice to stay in our traditional house and preserve our culture. - Mama Asti, Waerebo community

In 2013, Waerebo became one of the traditional villages in Flores which receive assistance from INFEST (Innovative Indigenous Flores Ecotourism for Sustainable Trade), a joint collaboration of the Indonesian Ecotourism Network (Indecon) Foundation and the European Union. INFEST is currently implemented in Waerebo, Liang Ndara, Cunca Wulang, Tado, Bena and two cities on Flores (Labuan Bajo and Bajawa).

‎Facilitated by INFEST, Asti established a group of her fellow neighbors to prepare ready-to-sell coffee. Coffee is developed into a tour package called ‘Journey of a Cup of Coffee’. Find out more about her story, which has been selested to be published at the official EU Year of Development website.

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