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Ary S. Suhandi   Shana Fatina
Indonesia Ecotourism Network (Indecon)   Badan Otorita Pariwisata Labuan Bajo (BOPLB)
In his two decades of fieldwork, Ary has involved in developing ecotourism, community-based tourism, and conservation education programs all over Indonesia. He had previously served as member of the selection committees for tourism awards by National Geographic Travelers (USA), and World Travel and Tourism Council (UK). Formerly tour leader, Ary once served as Director for Indonesia Ecoventure, where he developed eco-adventure, wildlife observation, community-based tourism, and ecotourism tours. He is currently Founder and Chair of Indecon foundation and providing advisory support for Ministry of Tourism. He is also as Vice Chair of the Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN).   Shana Fatina Sukarsono, born in California, USA, October 29, 1986, Shana passed her chilhood to her teens with a myriad of activities and achievements. In 2004 Shana completed her education at SMA 8 Jakarta. She continued her education at ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) and served for ITB Student Union, President 2008-2009 (1st Woman President in national student council history). Not only that, she graduated as a Bachelor of Science, Industrial Enginering with title CUM LAUDE in 2009. Her interest and love for Labuan Bajo began in 2010 as she carried out a Jakarta-Larantuka roadtrip by driving a car. In the middle of the trip she stopped by Labuan Bajo and feel touched to see the people living in the Komodo National Park area who had to struggle to get clean and hygiene water. She then returned to Jakarta. But as she remember of what she saw while in Labuan Bajo, young Shana then returned to this west part of Flores Island. But this time she came with the community on the island of Papagarang to built a distillery clean water. This later became the beginning of her decision to finally stay in Labuan Bajo. For her, the world of tourism has its own allure, because it provides very high added value without having to damage the environment. Shana Fatina Sukarsono is currently the co-funder and CEO of PT. Tinamitra Nusantara Mandiri and PT. Indonesian Intermega Sabaku which engaged in energy and procurement for clean water.
Panot Pakungsup   Pemkab Ngada
Planeterra Foundation   Pemerintah Kabupaten Ngada
Panot or “Tung” is the Asia Field Manager, Planeterra Foundation a partner with G Adventures. With roles and responsibilities to work with local communities to develop SE Social Enterprise projects in SEA and Japan. His work experienced in tourism dated since 2005 from a local tour operator “Tour Merng Tai” and a partners with CBTi “The Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute”, which supports and works with many CBTs in Thailand. 2016 Being volunteer as President of TRTA Thai Responsible Tourism Association with members to develop “The Thai Responsible Tourism project” among many different stakeholders in Thai tourism industry.   N/A
Sugeng Handoko   Hermas R. Maring
Desa Wisata Nglanggeran, Yogyakarta   Heart of Borneo, WWF
He is from Nglanggeran Village, Gunung Kidul District, Yogyakarta and has been active in youth organizations and sociopreneur since 2007 and active as CBT stakeholder. He is a pioneer and manager of Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran and Nglanggeran Tourism Village. Because he was active in tourism development, in 2016 he received Asean CBT award, the winner of Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Award (ISTA) 2017, and ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Award (ASTA) 2018.   He is initiator of the Kapuas Hulu ecotourism and founder of Kapuas Hulu Tourism Community (KOMPAKH) in 2005. KOMPAKH is the inovator of more than 10 ecotourism groups at the village level in Kapuas Hulu area. Since 2010, Hermas has become the vocal point and driver of collaboration between stakeholder (government, community and NGOs) for issue of community-based ecotourism in Kapuas Hulu. In 2005-2016, he served as Ecotourism development at WWF-Indonesia. And in 2015-2016 he was active as a local facilitator of the Destination Development Organization (DMO), Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia
Juan Kartika Sitepu   Prachyakorn Chaiyakot (Ph.D)
Lembaga Pariwisata Tangkahan   Thai Responsible Tourism Association (TRTA)
He was born in Binjai on October 17th, 1977. His last education was Industrial High School. He joined the Tangkahan Tourism Management (LPT) since 2003 as SAR Division of Takasima Ranger Department. A position he had held in Tangkahan Tourism Management (LPT) are head of SAR division (2003-2004), Takasima Ranger Coordinator (2004 – 2007), Institution-Owned Enterprises (BUML) coordinator of (2007-2010) and head of Tangkahan Tourism Management (LPT) (2018- present). He has others position as Director of PT Rimba Lestari Tour from 2014 – present and active as a tour guide in Tangkahan from 2010 until now.   He is a lecture at Hatyai University, Hatyai. Songkhla, Southern, Thailand, where he teaches and researches Community Based Tourism (CBT). He graduated from Prince of Songkla University, with Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental management in 2012. After graduation, he resigned from Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in head office Bangkok and became a lecturer in homeland. He is currently researching onn community based tourism database of Thailand being funded by Thailand Research Fund (TRF) and working as vice president of Thai Responsible Tourism Association (TRTA).
Martinus Anggo  
Waerebo Cultural Preservation Board (LPBW)  
Born in on 1969. He went to university and currently works as an advisor for Waerebo Cultural Preservation Board. He is the father of three daughters, who owns a coffee plantation and a guest house in Dintor. He also works as a tour guide for Flores overland trip. He hopes that Waerebo community could be the subject for tourism development; and tourism can be an alternative tool for local economic development.