Comparative Study to Special Region of Yogyakarta

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On 29-31 August 2016, Indecon with Bank Indonesia and the manager of Sawarna Tourism Village did the comparative study to visit some tour destination in Yogyakarta and Central Java. The comparative study was done by visiting the Ancient Volcano Ecotourism Region Nglanggeran Village in Gunungkidul District, Baros Mangrove Conservation Area in Bantul District, as well as Candirejo Village in Magelang District, Central Java.

Currently, the new Sawarna Tourism Village is organized by the government village and has not yet had a special institution to organize the tour professionally. Therefore, Bank Indonesia and Indecon expect there’s an institutional increase capacity organizer in Sawarna Tour Village, especially after the events of this comparative study.

Participants of this comparative study were the members of Sawarna Tourism Village’s management, which consists of Sawarna Village representatives, Karang Taruna, Sawarna Village council, Pokdarwis and members of the Institute for Community Empowerment of Sawarna Village. The participants seemed very enthusiastic to participate in this training. They also gained new knowledge about how to organize and manage tourism activities to ensure service and order at the Tour village which is expected to be applied at the Sawarna Tourism Village.

“With this institutional training, we who are representing all the elements of the village got a lot of insight, especially about how to manage a good tour, which is cooperating with all institutions at the village board Sawarna Village and by applying good management”, said Lili Suheli.