Homestay Appliences Handover in Tololela, Jerebu’u

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Jerebuu region is one of the Strategic Regional Tourism District of Ngada. There are several indigenous kampong that have been visited by tourists in Jerebu’u like traditional kampong of Tololela and Gurusina. These traditional villages have been the beneficiary villages of Indecon since 2013 ranging from INFEST program to today’s program, CREATED. Along with the increased promotional efforts of Flores destinations, tourists visit traditional villages is increasing as well, it has caused an increasing desire and demand of tourists to stay longer with the people at the traditional house (Sa’o). This traditional house also functioned as a homestay for tourists.

Tourists can experience living at the traditional house (Sa’o) and see local people’s daily routines. On December 3, 2016 Indecon handed over the homestay appliances for traditional homes of Tololela and Gurusina. This activity aims to improve the quality of homestay facilities given by local community to tourists. The handover was conducted in the traditional village of Tololela. Some of the items to be handed over include: bed size 90cm x 200cm (two pieces for one house), pillows, blankets, bed linen, and mosquito nets. The event was attended by representatives of institutions in the two (2) of the traditional kampong and local facilitators of Indecon in Bajawa. Although unable to attend the event, the village government of Manubhara and Watumanu and the Ngada Tourism Office are welcomed this activity for the development of homestay facilities.

In this occasion also conducted a brief discussion about an agreement between the consignee (LPPT and LPPG) and Indecon as equipment providers. The simulation of homestay bedroom arrangement is also conducted in order that the services and facilities provided to the guests in accordance with the operational standards of Gurusina and Tololela homestay. Each member of institution and owner of homestay must work together in order to improve the homestay services and facilities. Welcoming guest while at homestay also conducted together with the division of tasks that have been agreed between the institution and the homestay owner.