Pocket Dictionary Flores

INFEST program aim to develop the independence and expertise of rural communities in Flores to be able to take advantage of the growth of the tourism sector in Flores. The activities during 2013-2015, INFEST program had tried to improve the knowledge, skills, and expertise of rural communities to be actively involved in tourism. The villages were driven as tourism development are Liang Ndara, Cunca Wulang, and Tado in West Manggarai District; Waerebo in Manggarai District, and Bena in Ngada District. The purposes of this development are certainly a nature conservation, biodiversity, while ensuring the heritage of the original area of Flores.

One of the results of the program is making a pocket dictionary INFEST that dedicated to the Flores people. With this book, it hopes that local people especially the local tour guide will know english for tourism and be able to communicate with tourists. Download here