In order to promote ecotourism Indonesia, Indecon has made some brochures of tourist destinations, especially in the working area. This media campaign is very effective to attract tourists that want to visit the tourism destinasion because tourists will be able to find out a brief overview of travel destinations, tourism products that offered, and existing facilities. Some brochures were made by Indecon are a tourism brochures in Flores which is the locus of INFEST programme. These villages are Cunca Wulang, Liang Ndara, Tado, and Waerebo in West Manggarai and Jerebu’u in Ngada.

In other, Indecon also made brochure for Sawarna tourism destination, Lebak, Banten with the support from CSR Bank Indonesia. Information about the exotic nature in Sawarna, activities that can be done by tourists in this destination, accessibility and amenities and souvenirs are also described in the brochure. Don’t we only see Sawarna in brochures, pack your stuff and visit this colorful destination.