Book: Waerebo

Waerebo traditional village in Manggaraian hinterland is truly the living heritage of Flores. To reach Waerebo you have to drive 8 hours from Labuan Bajo and then continue on foot for 3-4 hours. People of Waerebo live in the iconic cone-shaped houses. These houses are truly a living heritage, although some villagers also live outside of the niang complex. Waerebo is one of the producers of coffe in Flores. The fragrant aroma of Waerebo coffe will welcome you at every houses. Coffee farming is the main livelihood at Waerebo village, located at 1,100 meters above sea level. Types
include Arabica, robusta, Colombia, and natural luwak coffee.

The unique and genuine tradition of the people of Waerebo proves to be the main drive for the development of tourism in the area. Travellers have a different perspective on travel compared to the tourists of yore. They want to have genuine experience and direct interactions with the locals. They are also more appreciative of the efforts by the locals to conserve their culture and nature.

The publication of this book has been inspired by keenness of the people of Waerebo to conserve their culture and traditions. The book can also serve as an educative material for the travellers who come to the village.

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