Book: Jarebu’u Valley-Carring for Heritage

Jeberu’u is the land of Ngada people who lives in central Flores. The Jerebu’u region lies on the northern and eastern sides of the Inerie Mountain (2,245m above sea level). Villages with lines of traditional houses made of bamboo and greyish stones as well as megalith stone structure at the village yard are astonishing, such as Tololela, Gurusina, Bena, and Luba. People of Nagada have a strong bonding with their houses as has also been expressed in their rituals. The pounding rhythm of traditional drum, soft swirl of bamboo flute, and thundering sound of bombardoom (a traditional music instrument) color the daily village life at Jerebu’u, together with traditional songs and dance.

This book has been inspired by the people of Jerebu’u with their genuine effort to maintain their traditional and share it with the wider public in Indonesia and overseas. We hope that this book can be of benefits to many, providing knowledge and information about the Ngada culture and tourism in the Jerebu’u region.

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