Strengthening Local Community on Tourism Services in Sawarna, Lebak, Banten

Since 07:11

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Sawarna is known as one of the best new surf destinations at Lebak district, Banten province. Its popularity has brought both domestic and international tourists. Despite the potential attractions and the available demand, the quality of tourism services is still very basic. The objective of the Corporate Social Responsibility program of Bank Indonesia in Sawarna tourism destination is to increase the capacity of local community in tourism services and craft making; as well as to improve tourism infrastructure and facilities.

Primary activities of the action include (i) Training of more than 80 members of home-stay owners, 40 local guides and 20 crafters (ii) establish Sawarna Village women group which now produces recycled craft and souvenirs; (iii) support community groups with machine and tools for craft production; (iv) construct new pedestrian zone which connects the entrance to the beach; (v) provide information sign boards and brochures; (vi) create of Sawarna tourism logo agreed upon by stakeholders.

An improvement of information and infrastructure provided by the project has been very useful both for local community and tourists, especially during high season. The training program inspired local women group to develop crafts from recycled materials, as well as other community groups for wood carving as new local souvenirs.