Development of Ecotourism in Rinjani National Park, West Nusa Tenggara in collaboration with Tourism Resource Consultant (TRC) and supported by NZAID.


The objectives of this project were to improve park management; to foster community development on park boundaries that would benefit rural women and men, in recognition of the link between national conservation goals and local development goals; to develop responsible park tourism by encouraging ecotourism in trekking and exploring Sasak culture.
Tourism Resource Consultant (TRC) acted as a leading agency collaborated with Indecon to complete this project with support by New Zealand Aid Programme (NZAID).

The project’s core activities were envisaged as a development in three-way partnership to manage community-based, commercially, and environmentally sustainable tourism operations centered on Senaru and Sembalun. This general approach was subsequently confirmed and refined through participatory planning with key stakeholder groups. Rinjani Trek Center (RTC) was created in Senaru and Rinjani Information Centre (RIC) in Sembalun became focal points of the project’s aim. Establishing Rinjani Trek Management Board (RTMB) was conceived as an overseeing body to take responsibility for Rinjani Trek. This body also act as coordination and policy consultation forum of government, NGOs, community, and tourism actors.