Development of Destination Management Organization in Danau Toba incollaboration with Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.



Danau Toba is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Sumatra. However, after its highest peak in 1990-ish, its number of visitors keeps declining. The reasons behind this are believed to be lack of appropriate human resources, poor tourism services and hospitality, continued degradation of environment and biodiversity, and poor diversification of tourism product and facilities. Yet, local stakeholders and local government of Danau Toba – which covers administrative area of 7 regencies – are very enthusiastic in revitalizing this situation.
Indecon is working together with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to facilitate the establishment of Destination Management Organization (DMO) Danau Toba in 2010-2014. In the first year, the ministry will focus on two regencies: Samosir and Simalungun (which covers Parapat area). At the moment, Forums of Tourism Development have been developed at Samosir and Simalungun as the forums for various community members and tourism stakeholders. These forums are expected to actively participate in the whole process of DMO Danau Toba. Moreover, local government of the two regencies have also developed government working groups comprise related offices and institutions.

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