Facilitating Community in Developing Standard on Tourism Product, Service, and Marketing at Tangkahan, Leuser National Park, North Sumatra, supported by IUCN-Netherland


The project goal was to develop marketing strategy and improve standard of Tangkahan products and services, by knowledgeable guides that would provide visitors with meaningful experience, minimized risks, and also helped the community to generate sufficient local income.
Increasing significant local support and effective lobbying power at higher level were essential to achieve effective protection and utilization of the park. Indecon conducted review of current conditions of Tangkahan’s tourism products and services and then followed with improvement action.
The activities included community meetings, trainings, and standard implementation, in order to build the capacity of both tourism products and services as well as human resources. Meanwhile, marketing study, promotional kit and delivering the products to the market were carried out to support the growth of economic sustainability of the project.