CREATED: Creative Entrepreneurship for Accelerating Tourism and Local Economic Development


CREATED: Creative Entrepreneurship for Accelerating Tourism and Local Economic Development

Flores is a land of fortune. It is gifted by magical beauties, biodiversity wonders, and geological landmarks. Located at Wallacea line, Flores water in the western part is home to one of the richest marine habitat in the world; while Flores land is the home of the endemic Komodo dragon and birds. Flores landscape has always been a synthesis of people’s belief, daily life, and natural setting; making it so rich to explore. Flores is a land of thousand smile; never in this area that you are not welcomed by warm greetings and a cup of coffee. Flores is also a land of fusion where multi-cultural societies, modern and traditional living exist harmoniously. Thank to these, tourism has nearly everything it needs to flourish in Flores.

Tourist arrival in Flores maintains its steady growth in the last 3 years. Referring to tourist arrival at Komodo National Park, tourist arrival in western Flores has increased about 10-11% annually. It is followed by increasing numbers of tourism premises and business, including hotels (from 49 hotels in 2011 tp 60 hotels in 2014), restaurants, and cruise ships. On the other hand, villages around big cities are producers of hundreds of products, ranging from agricultural, wood, and bamboo products, and crafts.

It is belief that tourism, as one of the growing industriesin Flores, should have provided more opportunities for the surrounding villages in terms of provision of goods and services. Demand from tourism sector, which has increased accordingly both from consumer (tourists) and business should be matched appropriately to what local areas can provide. Consequently, capacity of local community or local enterprises in Flores to supply or cater this demand should be developed to accelerate the linkage between tourism and local economic development; as well as between cities and the surrounding villages.

CREATED project is based on the previous initiatives of EU-funded INFEST (Innovative Indigenous Flores Ecotourism for Sustainable Trade) project. It will be implemented in 2016-2019 to strengthen INFEST key achievements in improving capacity of local tourism stakeholders and developing tourism villages in Flores.


CREATED project has two main objectives, which are (i) promoting a constructive and effective participation of civil society in developing local economic policies in Flores; and (ii) improving linkage of community based economic activities to tourism in order to increase tourism’s contribution to poverty reduction and equitable economic growth. These objectives will be vested in 4 project components:

  • creating added value for community products at village by improving their quality and variety for tourism industry.
  • increasing entrepreneurship of local tourism organization and local community
  • developing business network and marketing for community products to tourism industry.
  • improving capacity and promote dialogue in local economic development to integrate inter region tourism development.


Locus of the project are 3 (three) regions; Mbeliling region in West Manggarai District, Inerie region in Manggarai District, and Ruteng region in Ngada District in East Nusa Tenggara.

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