Lifeguard Training in Sawarna

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Sawarna Village with its 2.500 hectares area has a beautiful landscape which consists of tropical rainforest, beaches, hills, caves, ricefields, and traditional ports. That landscape makes Sawarna Village becomes a beautiful tourist destination. Beaches, such as Ciantir Beach, Tanjung Layar Beach, Legon Pari Beach, and Karang Taraje Beach are Sawarna’s main tourist attractions. Sawarna is also known within the surfers for its great waves.

The existence of Badan Penyelamat Wisata Tirta (Balawista) or the lifeguard organization at the Sawarna Beaches becomes an important thing in order to provide safety for the tourists during their visit. Although Balawista as an organization already existed, the number of personnel is still lacking if compared with Sawarna’s long coastline. Therefore, there was a need to recruit new personnel and train them. Bank Indonesia with the Program Sosial Bank Indonesia (PBSI) as the corporate social responsibility program in collaboration with the Regional Government of Lebak Regency and Indonesia Ecotourism Network (Indecon) held a lifeguard training for Balawista.

The training was held for 3 days from September 5th-7th 2016. There were 30 participants from Sawarna Village’s youth which was chosen by the village government. The aim of this training was to enrich the knowledge and skills of the community, especially the youth who had the concern and desire to help maintain the safety and security of tourists on the beach. The training was opened with the delivery of training’s contents at the Sawarna Village Hall and then followed by the field training activities at the Asih Bayah Pool and Pulau Manuk Beach. Hopeful, lifeguard members can be implementation their experience that get during Balawista training to their tourism activities in Sawarna beach.