Test Tour Activities at Dukuh Jarakan, Samiran Tourism Village, Selo.

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Activities carried out during the 4 (four) days which began on 9 to 12 January 2017 conducted in Hamlet Jarakan, Samiran Tourism Village, Selo, Boyolali, Central Java. Activities undertaken by Indecon is survey and analysis of tourism potential, human resource development, integrated planning and marketing whereby. Indecon connects tourism products at community level with the market.

Information about Homestay in Dukuh Jarakan, Samiran Village is obtained from homestaymerapi.com website, introductions and meetings with funders. There are 10 homestays that have been recently renovated and there is one cafe that all managed by the community under the auspices of the cooperative. Indecon was asked to conduct a test tour at Hamlet Jarakan, Samiran Village with the note that the test tour participants will be asked to follow the activities that have been prepared by the manager, while observing the course of management. The results of the observation and experience will be used as input for the management of community-based tourism village in Hamlet Jarakan, Samiran Village.